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Shoot 8K 360 Video with Xiaomi Yi Cameras

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I’m glad to show you what I’ve been doing, yesterday shot an 8K Video with the xiaomi yi cameras.

Now, this was not shot with the Kraken360 this is actually the first rig that I designed, but at the time I didn’t have enough cameras for it, so I didn’t finish it.

But someone asked me if the Kraken360 could shoot 8K videos, and that brought me back to this one.

The Kraken360 won’t allow you to stitch the footage correctly if you shoot in 16:9, you will end up with some little gaps between the cameras:

drone 360 video

With this said, the Kraken360 will still be my rig of choice, as 4K is a pretty good resolution to watch (at least for me).

There is one advantage of the Kraken360 compared to this one, it will be able to shoot inside a car while this one won’t (at least from my tests, I wasn’t able to stitch the footage correctly inside my smart fortwo).

Now back to the 8K, you will need a pretty powerful computer if you want to edit the footage or do some kind of motion graphics, or even if you want to just watch it.

The output from Autopano Video was around 7100 something, and I up-scaled it up to 7680, there were two cameras missing on the bottom (2 cameras because that’s what I use to remove the tripod, one would be enough but you wouldn’t be able to remove the tripod) so with all the cameras it will output above 8K.

Also if you’re wondering it was a bit struggle to put the video on Youtube, I had no idea about the limitations of the codec h264.


How to upload 8k 360 video to youtube – more people will be looking for this

Autopano now lets you export in 8K with the codec Cineform, but then it doesn’t have the spherical metadata that youtube requires and the file was around 27GB for 59s of video.

So I edited the file in Premiere Pro (added a bit of vibrance and sharpen) and exported as Quicktime Mpeg 4 at 75% quality and ended up with a “.mov” file around 8gb (also for 59s of video!).

Than manually changed the “.mov” extension to “.mp4” and used the metadata tool from youtube to inject the spherical metadata on it and after that just uploaded it to youtube.

If you find a better method please let me know, I would appreciate it!


I’ll do my best to finish the rig in the next week or two and will keep you posted.


PS: Don’t know if you noticed, but on the printscreen, the rig was attached to the DJI Inspire 1 drone, also working on that! 😉


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    • Marcos Soares

      Hi, you cannot do it with only 6 cams.
      You need at least 8, and you will still have a black hole on the Nadir, and maybe have to upscale a little bit (5%).

      For a full 8k sphere I would recommend at least 9 cameras.

      I will be realising a rig that can use up to 11 cameras next week, it might me what you’re looking for.

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