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360 Rigs for Xiaomi Yi

Facebook’s Surround360 New 360 Camera

Facebook just announced that they will realease an open source 360 camera this summer. They also said that it will cost around $30.000 to get the necessary materials do build it. In general it looks very promising, I am just a bit sceptic regarding their claim of outputing 8K PER EYE, which is extraordinary, and…

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8k video xiaomi yi

Shoot 8K 360 Video with Xiaomi Yi Cameras

I’m glad to show you what I’ve been doing, yesterday shot an 8K Video with the xiaomi yi cameras. Now, this was not shot with the Kraken360 this is actually the first rig that I designed, but at the time I didn’t have enough cameras for it, so I didn’t finish it. But someone asked me…

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Testing the Cube360 – New Rig

Testing the new rig – Cube360.   360 Rig with 6 Xiaomi Yi cameras, shoots a full sphere panorama, really interesting for action and sports! Will be available for sale later this month, but I really prefer the stitching of the Kraken360, you can achieve better results with the Kraken360.

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New 360 Rig for Xiaomi Yi – Cube360

We’ve developed a new 360 rig for the xiaomi yi, the most common shape for a 360 rig – a Cube360. At the moment it doesn’t have enough quality to sell in terms of finishing (although it works perfectly) but we are improving that and it will be available soon. We are making this version…

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Affordable 360 Video with Xiaomi Yi

If you’re looking to start shooting 360 videos you’re probably wondering what setup should you buy. You’ve probably seen gopro setups from 3.000€ up to 20.000€, but if you don’t have that kind of money Xiaomi Yi is the way to go. Here is an example of a 360 video shot with xiaomi yi cameras…

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