The Hydra360 rig, is a rig designed for the Xiaomi Yi cameras that allows you to shoot 360 3D video (Stereoscopic video for Virtual Reality).

The rig is modular and the main body uses 16 cams, as for the top and bottom will use 3 cameras each, so you can use up to 22 cameras.


– No screws to lock the cameras, the rig has a tight fit and no lock mechanism is necessary for shooting on a tripod.

– Easy clip system for locking cameras for shooting while moving.

– Outputs almost 8K (around 7200px wide)

– Easy access to both hdmi and usb of every camera.

– Cable management.

– Can change battery without removing camera.

Below you can download an example video to watch on your VR Headset, the video on Youtube is very compressed.

The rig will be available between the 15th and 30th of June. Pre-reserve yours now and you will be the first to be able to purchase it.

The price will be between €450 and €650.